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Message from our Founder

I founded Team Spirit International at Harvard University as a moonshot attempt to create a venture for empowering refugee systems that recognizes their vast potential and promotes more entrepreneurial solutions built on self-reliance that question the status-quo model of aid dependency. Having worked on TSI for the past two years, collaborating with many refugee leaders and seeing the reality on the ground, it has further strengthened our vision for a future where refugee communities are regarded as equitable and powerful partners co creating new pathways towards self-sufficiency, cultural wealth, shared prosperity and innovative potential. We now have the chance to turn the challenges of climate change and global politics into opportunities for collective well-being, grassroots innovation, and collaborative change-making. The time to act is now and we are excited to help lay the foundations for a new age of development and belonging and, in the end, create a new age of thriving.

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Chantal Braunwalder

CEO and Co-Founder

Passionate Founder and CEO committed to fostering innovation and equity globally. As the force behind Team Spirit International, I empower refugees towards self-reliance, addressing systemic dependencies amid climate migration. With a background spanning social entrepreneurship, international development, and climate justice, my experiences at Harvard and University of St. Gallen drive effective impact. Embracing a moonshot and impact-led mindset, I navigate the startup world, eager for opportunities to shape a brighter future.

Nathan van veen.jpg

Nathan Van Veen

Business Development and Curriculum Lead

Nathan passionately leverages the potential of those who seek growth within their personal and professional development. His entrepreneurial endeavors and experiences in business innovation, sales, consultancy, personal coaching, and social science -and tech-related projects will promise TSI to stay a dynamic organization out to create a meaningful and sustainable impact.


Prajna Naidoo

Impact Lead and Consultant

Passionate academic professional and effective altruist with 4+ years in non-profit capacity building, specializing in global development. As an independent consultant, I've contributed to refugee entrepreneurship in South Africa and smallholder farmers in Uganda. My expertise in Monitoring & Evaluation includes designing cross-cultural community development models. As President of One For The World GW, I led discussions on ethical philanthropy.


Bavukile Vilane

Founders' Associate

 Bavu, the tech-savvy student with a passion for software engineering at African Leadership University. He's not just about code; Bavu rocks music, filmmaking, and entrepreneurship. With a diverse background spanning GM, IT, finance, marketing, and operations, Bavu's ready for an epic entrepreneurial adventure.

Our Advisors

Advisors_Jacqueline Bhabha.png

Jacqueline Bhabha

Professor of the Practice of Health, Migration and Human Rights

Jacqueline Bhabha is FXB Director of Research, Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health, the Jeremiah Smith Jr. Lecturer in Law at Harvard Law School, and an Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. She has published extensively on issues of transnational child migration, refugee protection, children's rights and citizenship. Bhabha serves on the board of the Scholars at Risk Network, the World Peace Foundation and the Journal of Refugee Studies.


Justin Richmond

Social Entrepreneur and Executive

Before starting impl. project, Justin was a Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir Technologies, where he led field implementation during both the Typhoon Haiyan and Typhoon Hagupit responses in the Philippines. Previously, he served two tours in Afghanistan as USAID’s District Stability Framework coordinator, mentoring joint civilian/military/Afghan teams on stabilization implementation in eastern Afghanistan. Prior to USAID, he served in the U.S. Army as a special operations team leader in the southern Philippines, focusing on stabilization, counterinsurgency, and information operations.

Bryan Bahizi.jpg

Bryan Bahizi

Talent and Marketing Lead

Bryan is a Talent Associate at TheBoardroom Africa (TBrA), the largest regional network of female executives in Africa. Bryan partners with clients across markets to understand their technical and leadership needs to devise tailor-made board and executive recruitment strategies that tap TBrA’s network of diverse, board-ready talent. He’s passionate about creating social impact and supporting company growth and enjoys continuous learning in entrepreneurship, disruption towards innovation and moon shooting.

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